After looking at the ten millionth picture of a high school-aged person at a restaurant captioned “lol when ur bank account has five dollars but you have expensive taste”, I decided I have had enough. We live in a consumption society. Everywhere we look, we are encouraged to try new products, pay for new services, and spend, spend, spend! My generation is on a one-way street towards bankruptcy before we even graduate college. That’s where I come in! Oh, wait! Where are my manners? I’m Dylan, the founder and owner of thecollegecapitalist!

I’m 21 years old, a full-time student pursuing a degree in marketing, a part-time employee, and full-time obsessed with money and helping others! I want to help educate my generation on the dangers and pitfalls related to finance that our educational institutions are failing to teach!

From basic questions to in-depth analysis, you’ve found a one-stop-shop to financial literacy and success!

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