Why I NEVER Carry Money in my Wallet

Who doesn’t love a crisp twenty dollar bill? I know I sure do. But unfortunately, I had to train myself to part ways with carrying these little bills around with me everywhere I go.

Is it because I’m afraid of losing my wallet? Nope. Actually, knock on wood *knock*, I have yet to lose my wallet! The real reason comes down to good ol’ temptation.

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What You Should Do With Your Tax Return

Ah, yes, it’s that time of the year again. The time we all stress, wonder why our state takes all of our tax money but never seems to do anything with it, and get our tax returns. While many people seem to simply blow their money immediately and splurge on some unnecessary item, I would like to suggest a simple, practical plan for EVERYONE to do to use to put their tax return to good use.

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How to Write Professional Emails

As you become more involved in the “real world” (job interviews, emailing professors, emailing new connections, etc.), it is of TREMENDOUS importance to ensure that your emails are written professionally, formally, and with flawless grammar. To help teach you how to do this, I will write out a good example of a professional email, and then explain the various elements of it:

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The Power of Passive Income

If you’re anything like me, then chances are you are never satisfied with your income. I went from a fry cook at my school to a sales internship to my current marketing position, which is basically my dream job (at the age of 20, I consider myself pretty darn lucky).

However, despite the well-paying jobs I have had, I always have a desire for more.

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Three Questions That Will Save You Money

As I’m sure you know, I am quite enthusiastic about saving money. Is it because I hate spending it? No. Absolutely not. I enjoy spending money and buying and trying new products and services just as much as the next guy (or gal). So then, what’s my issue?

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A Brief Introduction to The College Capitalist

Throughout my years of browsing social media, I have learned several things. First, videos of puppies doing silly things will never get old. Second, this generation does not seem smart with their money. They constantly talk about how their bank accounts are empty, or about how they wish they could go out for dinner, but can’t because they are broke (this one is usually accompanied by a picture of a sad, lonely, Hot Pocket on a paper plate).

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