How to Maximize Your Earnings Using AppLike

If you have read my blog about AppLike, you will know that I am quite fond of it. So far, I have spent around one and a half months using it, and have earned nearly 35 dollars. So, to help you cash out sooner, I have compiled a small list of my best tips and tricks to maximize your earning!

  1. Switch your apps often- AppLike will always give you new apps under the proposed section, so you will always have new apps to download. The reason this is important is because eventually, the earning times for the apps get extremely large. For example, when you first download an app, it will say “in 1:00 you will earn 250 coins”. Then, after that interval, it will move to a longer time with a higher number of coins. From my experience, the cap is 673 coins after 8 hours of playing. That can be a little unreasonable. After you earn about 15,000 coins from an app, I would recommend deleting it and replacing it with a new one.
  2. Run the Apps Constantly- The best way to rack up earnings with this app is to let your phone run the apps as much as possible. When you’re doing homework, run the apps. When you’re eating dinner, run the apps. Also, download an app that prevents your screen from auto-sleeping so that you don’t have to constantly¬†turn it back on. By doing this, you will significantly increase your earnings.
  3. Try to only use “extremely many” and “plenty” of coin apps- These apps are your best bet for earning a lot of coins. They offer the highest number of coins per period, and it is much more worth your time than the other options. Avoid the “some” and “many mCoins”. These apps pay out very small rewards in the same amount of time as the others and are not worth your time. Stay away from them.
  4. Use This Code to Download- If you use that code to download the app, you will receive 4,444 as an initial credit, and you will have an excellent head start in being able to cash out!

There you have it! Download the app and try out these tips for yourself! You’ll be cashing out and earning real money in no time!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way for writing this post. The referral link provided does provide me with compensation, but I am sharing it out of my genuine recommendation. I am not responsible for any interactions you have with AppLike or any of the apps they recommend. The name "AppLike", "mPoints" and all other associated trademarks and images belong to their respective owners, and I am in no way affiliated with them.