One Unique Way to View Goal Setting

As much as I hate war, I will admit one thing: the weapons that have been developed are pretty bad ass. Drones that can blow something up via a remote control, bullets that can penetrate six hundred brick walls, planes that can break the sound barrier… the list goes on and on! But of all the crazy modern weaponry, one stands out to me the most: heat-seeking missiles.

(And if by now you’re reading the title again thinking “what the hell is this guy on about?”, bare with me.)

Just think about it! Heat seeking missiles have one purpose: destroy whatever it was targeted at. It doesn’t get distracted. It doesn’t lose focus. It simply attacks its target with unrivaled determination until it is terminated. If no-one sets a target for the missile and fires it anyway, it will simply wander around aimlessly until it literally crashes and burns. So, what is there to learn from this analogy?

We should set our goals like a heat-seeking missile.


Because, well, it just makes sense! Missiles have one goal, one target, and one mission. And they do not stop at anything until they accomplish that goal.

Can you imagine if you had that sort of determination? Can you imagine how effectively you could accomplish your tasks? We are constantly surrounded by thousands of distractions every day.

Emails, text messages, social media, making sure your turtles are fed… Okay, the turtles might be a stretch, but you get the idea!

Distractions are everywhere!

But what if we just ignore them all? (Except the turtles. Please don’t neglect your turtles). What if we set goals for ourselves and then pursue them with the intensity of a heat-seeking missile? What if we don’t let anything get in our way?

That’s my challenge for you: Set yourself a goal and then set out to achieve it with the determination, ferocity and sheer power of a heat-seeking missile.

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