One Unique Way to View Goal Setting

As much as I hate war, I will admit one thing: the weapons that have been developed are pretty bad ass. Drones that can blow something up via a remote control, bullets that can penetrate six hundred brick walls, planes that can break the sound barrier… the list goes on and on! But of all the crazy modern weaponry, one stands out to me the most: heat-seeking missiles.

(And if by now you’re reading the title again thinking “what the hell is this guy on about?”, bare with me.)

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How to Start a Relationship Without Going Broke

Ah, young love. Such a beautiful thing. You meet someone in high school, make hundreds of memories, explore the world… and bankrupt yourself. NOT good. Here is the definitive guide to starting a relationship WITHOUT putting your bank account in the single digits.

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How to Write Professional Emails

As you become more involved in the “real world” (job interviews, emailing professors, emailing new connections, etc.), it is of TREMENDOUS importance to ensure that your emails are written professionally, formally, and with flawless grammar. To help teach you how to do this, I will write out a good example of a professional email, and then explain the various elements of it:

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