Welcome to my recommended resources page! Here, you’ll find a consolidated collection of all of my favorite passive income apps, resources, and financial tools I have discovered. Be sure you check back often! I update it every time I find something new I like, and I update my earnings weekly!

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. I may receive some incentive if you sign up or download something via my link. Rest assured, it’s safe, and I wouldn’t push an app if I didn’t use it and enjoy it myself!

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Swagbucks is a really sweet passive income app I came across last January. You basically do very simple tasks, such as search the web, watch videos, try new apps, take surveys, and complete other online activities. In my few months I have used it, I have earned over $125 dollars. I’d definitely recommend you give this a try!

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Earnings to date: $132.91


Slidejoy is one of my favorite smartphone apps and passive income apps in general. The reason? It’s the only app I’ve come across thus far that is truly passive! It puts ads on your lock screen, then it pays you in Slidejoy Carats to just use your phone normally! After you earn enough carats, you can either donate your earnings, cash out for gift cards, or cash out to PayPal! So far I’ve earned nearly $60.00!

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Earnings to Date: $58.89


Ibotta is a phenomenal cash back grocery app that gives you a cash rebate for purchasing groceries and goods that you normally do anyway! You can then cash out for PayPal credit, Venmo, or a variety of different gift cards. The only catch is that you need to have a minimum of 20 bucks before you can withdraw.. Luckily, that is really easy to achieve (I have made over 120.00 dollars using this app).

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Earnings to Date: $132.25

 Receipt Hog

This a unique app that I have quickly learned to love. Basically, you upload your receipts to the app via a picture, and they reward you coins, slot spins, or monthly drawing entries. Then, you can cash out these coins for Paypal credit! It really is a sweet deal, and it’s a great way to turn your receipts into cash.

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Earnings to Date: $15.00


Cartwheel is an app made exclusively for Target stores. You basically search the app for coupons on various items, add them to your barcode, and then scan the barcode at checkout! It’s a great way to save a few bucks, and I highly recommend it for anyone that shops at target. So far, using the app has saved me $40.07, although I don’t frequently shop at Target. If you do, there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be using it!

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Savings to Date: $40.92


 Discover it© Card

Everyone has heard of the Discover Card by now. It’s a great card that offers tons of excellent perks and benefits, such as cash back, no annual fee, and a good grade bonus (I’ve earned nearly $220 in just five months of ownership). Plus, they’ll match the cash back you earn in your first year! Sign up with my code, and we’ll both get a $50.00 cashback bonus!

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Cashback Bonus to Date: $226.20



Acorns is one of those apps that a lot of people get intimated by. Stock market? Investing? Me? Yeah, it sounds intimidating, but this is one of the most intuitive, easy to use apps I have found thus far to get the younger generation into investing. You can start with as little as five dollars, and, if you sign up using my code, Acorns will give you a little head start in your investing journey! Please note, the app will ask you for your Social Security Number. This is because you are opening a brokerage account, and may have to report your earnings as income to the IRS. Don’t worry, I personally use this app myself, and would never recommend it to my readers if it wasn’t safe.

This app has really changed my outlook on investing and has allowed me to easily and safely introduce myself into the stock market (and I’m making some respectable returns too).

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Current Return: 6.34% (Personal All-Time High!)