Does Slidejoy Pay? (Payment Proof)

A lot of you may have come across a nifty little smartphone app called Slidejoy.

It promises to pay you in real cash, simply for allowing the app to place targeting advertisements on your lock screen.

So, does Slidejoy actually pay, or is it another app that doesn’t deliver?

Read on to find out!

In short, yes, it absolutely does pay you the money you earned!

Here is the proof of payment for my most recent Slidejoy transaction.

As you can see, here is the confirmation within the app:

And here is my confirmation within my Paypal app:

So, as you can see, Slidejoy is legitimate and I did receive my payment in a timely manner.

While some apps that promise to pay you may end up being sketchy or don’t work altogether, this app passes the test!

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To Download Slidejoy, click Here.

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