debt demolition

Welcome to the official page of my new series, Debt Demolition. The last Friday of every month, I will post an update regarding my progress paying off my debt! The best part? I’m doing it on minimum wage to prove that college students can effectively manage their debt and become debt-free even while attending school.

What can you expect?

  • Tips, tricks, and advice for paying off debt as quickly as possible.
  • Updates on how much principal was paid during the previous month.
  • Updates on the remaining balance of my loan.
  • Lessons, pitfalls, and all of the (probably many) struggles I encounter.
  • Tips, tricks, and advice for making the most of your life while living frugally.

My updates will appear in my normal blog page (or you can search “debt demolition” in the search box), but I will also link all updates on this page for your convenience.

Here they are!

Update One: The Introduction