Fronto App Review

Fronto App Review – Make Money Unlocking Your Phone

Today, let’s take a look at yet another app promising to let you earn money via your phone’s lock screen. With over one million downloads and a fairly strong 4.5-star review on Google Play, this app may just have what it takes to take down my all-time favorite – Slidejoy.

Let’s get started with the basics – what is Fronto?

Similar to Slidejoy, it is an app that populates the lock screen on your smartphone with an advertisement. As long as you have Fronto active on your phone, you’ll earn money! As I’m sure you’d suspect, it isn’t that simple. Before I break down how it actually works, let’s go over some of the key criteria you should look for when choosing an app such as this.

Ease of Use

As with most passive income apps, Fronto is very easy to set up and get started. Simply enter your email address (I’d recommend using the email address linked to your PayPal account), create a password, and you’re done! Within your settings, you’ll see the option that says “Run Fronto on Lockscreen” – click this and you’ll start seeing ads every time you unlock your phone. It really is an easy app to get started with. It’s intuitive, clean and simple – just how I like it!

Furthermore, the app itself is not intrusive. It doesn’t slow my phone down and the ads have never been offensive or inappropriate, although I will admit that most of the time they are not related to my interests. When you see the lock screen pop up, all you have to do is either swipe left to right to get into your phone, or left to right to go to the webpage that the ad is linking to. It is simple, unobtrusive, and very easy to forget about after you get used to having it on your screen.

How do you make money?

Similar to most passive income apps, the money you earn is generated from advertisements – allowing companies to run their ads on your lock-screen. With this app, there are several ways to earn money. Within the app, there is a “currency” simply referred to as “points”. To provide a rough idea of what a “point” is in US Dollars, my account has 5,846 points in it, which equates to about $2.03. If you do the math, that’s about 2,880 points per dollar.

Every Hour Points

The main way to earn money with this app is by collecting “Every Hour Points”. Every hour (duh), your lock screen will show a bottle floating in the sea, with a reminder to invite your friends to Fronto. If you look down at the two icons you’ll notice that the bottom left icon has a “+20” by it, while the bottom right icon has a “+30” icon. These are your “Every Hour” points. Simply choose whether you want to view the ad for 30 points or get into your phone for 20, and then move on with your day! I personally always recommend going for the 30 option. As soon as you swipe, you get the points so you don’t need to view the ad (simply close out of it right away), and every two hours, you basically get a third hour’s worth of points for free.

Daily Check-In

This is something that originally really excited me but ended up being a huge disappointment. When you first download the app, you’ll notice that you have something called a daily check-in. Basically, every day you check in during the week, you get bonus points – ranging from 100 to 1,000 points! I was under the impression that after the week was up, it would reset, and you could continue earning a check-in bonus. However, that was not the case – it’s a one-week deal only. After the week was up, I had earned a one-time bonus of 3,400 points – roughly $1.25. Had this feature been implemented in a way that the bonus was smaller each day but the cycle reset each week, my opinion of this app would be much more favorable.

Action Points

This is an area that I have yet to explore in Fronto, so I will keep it very brief – basically, these are points that you earn by taking actions on the lock screen or various other actions such as participating in a survey. Perhaps I will look further into it later, but for now, I will stick with other methods.


Similar to pretty much every other passive income app in history, there is an “Offerwall” in Fronto that gives you a one-time bonus for downloading apps that Fronto’s affiliates recommend. I wouldn’t recommend putting too much time into this because it can be rather time-consuming. Plus, the prizes are not always credited to your account. While I’ve had some luck getting points credited to my account, every once in a while it won’t work. This can be really frustrating and annoying, so I would recommend simply “testing the waters”. Download a few apps, do what it tells you (reach level ___, play for 10 minutes, etc.), and see what happens! My favorite and most trusted affiliate to work through is Fyber, as they tend to have very good customer support if something does go wrong and your account isn’t properly credited. I have had quite a few successful encounters with their support team and actually ended up getting the credits that I had originally earned.

In total, I have made 1,034 points through this.

Event Points

I am still unsure as to what Fronto means by “events”, but I have earned 60 points from this – all from tutorials when I first downloaded the app.

Referral Points

This one is pretty self-explanatory – once you download the app, (use code COLLEGECAP21), you’ll earn 1,250 points just for using my code. Then, if you want to invite your friends, you can share your code with them and you’ll earn 1,250 points as well! It’s free money, and it can really add up!

Game Points

Last but not least, we have game points. These are the points you’ll earn by playing the various games in the “earn more” tab in the app. The main games to play are the scratch cards, although I am very skeptical as to the odds of actually winning. I have played for several weeks with no luck. However, you get a few points each scratch card no matter what, which can add up to about 16 cents if you play through every card. Lastly, you can also “bet” your points to try to increase your earnings a little bit. I would stay away from this – you’ll lose far more than you’ll win. I think it’s better to simply earn and not risk losing any. For example, as I’m typing this I played five bets. I bet 50 points total and lost 40 of them in 5 bets. Like I said, not worth it.

Does it Pay?

This is something that we’re all a little skeptical of when we find an app promising free money. One of the first things I did when I earned enough was made a cashout to PayPal for one dollar. Everything worked like a charm, and the money was in my PayPal account in no time. This one is legit!

The Verdict – Should You Download Fronto?

In short, yes. I do think that the daily check-in feature could be better integrated, and it is quite slow to earn points (about a dollar a week with 12 check-in bonuses per day). However, it is still free money. If you are consistent with the hourly points, you’ll earn roughly $3.50 a month, or $42.00 per year. That makes it slightly less than Slidejoy, but still roughly on-par with similar apps.

One feature that I do really like about this is the fact that it integrates with Slidejoy. This essentially means that you can have Fronto and Slidejoy active at the same time. This does drain the battery faster, but by doing this I essentially double my earnings from unlocking my phone. Although it is somewhat annoying to unlock two separate lock screens, the earnings are well worth it. That’s something to consider if you are serious about passive income!

I would say just give it a try! If you use this link to download (just don’t forget to use code COLLEGECAP21 to get your 1,250 point bonus), then you can start earning today. I look forward to hearing back from all of you how you end up liking it!

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Please note: This review was completely unbiased, and based off of my own experiences. Fronto
did not pay me to write this review, and I am not affiliated with Fronto in any way, shape,
or form. This post does contain an affiliate code. If you choose to use the referall code
provided in this post, I will recieve a small referall bonus, as will you.

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