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The Complete Review of Ibotta

This app has a very special place in my heart (and on my phone). Imagine getting tons of cash back on the groceries you already are buying. Imagine completing fun bonuses and challenges that earn you real money just for doing your usual grocery shopping! Enter: Ibotta.

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What is Ibotta?

Simply put, it is a really fun, modern and intuitive cash back app that gives you cash back for your groceries, online purchases and more!

The app offers hundreds of different items with a cash back reward from tons of different stores (for example, $1.00 off a package of cookies at Target, $2.50 off a bottle of laundry detergent at Wal-Mart, etc.).

Simply purchase the item in-store, scan the barcode, and your account will be credited with the number!

Then, once your account reaches a twenty dollar minimum, you can cash out your earnings for gift cards or Paypal credit!

The best part about it is, it really works! It isn’t another app trying to scam you or get you to use it with the promise of unrealistic rewards. The app is honest, it works, and it actually pays out the rewards that it says it will.

How does Ibotta work?

To give you a step-by-step idea of the process, here’s a little guide of what you can expect:

  1. Open the Ibotta app (duh).
  2. Search the store (or stores) you plan to shop at (there are tons of good stores to choose from).
  3. Either browse through all the available rebates or search for a specific item you’re looking for.
  4. Add the rebates you would like to use (you can even scan an item’s barcode to check for eligibility).
  5. Go to the store, and shop as usual (make sure you choose the correct sizes and variations to get the rebate – more on that later).
  6. After your trip, open the Ibotta app and click “redeem”.
  7. Follow the prompts (you’ll have to select which rebates you’d like to use, the store, etc.)
  8. Scan the product barcodes and submit a picture of your receipt (you will be prompted for all of this, you don’t have to memorize the steps)
  9. Submit, and watch your cash-back pile up!

Almost immediately, your account will be credited with the sum of your selected rebates.

Stick with it and keep using it until you reach twenty dollars, and then you can cash out your account for PayPal credit, or a huge variety of gift cards (seriously, there are seemingly hundreds of choices).

It really is as easy as that. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the good (and the bad) aspects of Ibotta.

The Good

  • As of September 3rd, 2017, with about 4 months of use, I have earned $129 dollars (to see my updated earnings for this and all of my apps, visit here), with $11.75 still pending within my account.That is a very significant amount of money saved within a year. If you use the app consistently, you could save hundreds on groceries per year.
  • Ibotta makes it easy to earn extra cash. For example, they ran a promotion where if you redeem 5 rebates before the 4th of July,  then you’ll get an extra two bucks. (they always have good promotions, so it doesn’t take long to reach twenty dollars)
  • They run categorical bonuses! For example, I bought two car-detailing products, and in addition to the cash back for the individual products, I got a two dollar bonus for buying two products related to car detailing!
  • They actually pay!
  • It isn’t just limited to groceries or brick and mortar stores, either! You can use Ibotta to get rebates on Uber rides, as well as numerous online stores! There are nearly endless ways for you to earn cash.
  • Sometimes, Ibotta posts “any brand” rebates. For example, “.25 off a package of cookies, any brand”. If you scan a package of cookies and it doesn’t work, you can actually request that they add a particular brand of cookies to the rebate list! (I’ve sent a request before, and they actually added my product to the list).

However, there are a few downsides that you should be aware of.

The Bad

  • The $20.00 minimum cash out threshold is kind of annoying. However, unlike some apps, the threshold isn’t unrealistic, and it is easy to reach with a little patience.
  • The fine print! Some rebates require you buy an item that is a particular number of ounces, a certain size bottle, or a specific quantity of the item.
    • to counter this, I would just use Ibotta’s scanning feature on every item before you buy to make sure it’s eligible.
  • Some rebates appear on the app, for example, as a rebate at Target, but then you can’t find them in your particular Target. This can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you needed the item.
  • Some rebates are store-specific, meaning a rebate for an item is available at one store but not another. This can be annoying if you prefer shopping at one store.

The Verdict: Should I Download Ibotta?

I would genuinely and wholeheartedly recommend you download this app. It really is a great way to save a couple extra bucks, and you’ll be surprised how much your savings will add up! (like I said, I have made over $125 with moderate use)

If you are interested, you can download the app using the link my link below (if you do, we’ll both earn a huge ten dollar bonus)

Sign Up Here

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