The Most Frugal Purchase in History

That’s quite the statement, huh?

The most frugal purchase in history.

Now, I suppose this may be up to personal opinion. However, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to top this one.

You see, I found a hidden gem at Wal-Mart. Something that is tasty, refreshing, and best of all? Dirt Cheap.

As my girlfriend and I were wandering around Walmart finding food for her to eat after her wisdom teeth surgery (ouch), we stumbled upon the vast, tantalizing drink aisle. Knowing the sheer calories of the sugary drinks and juices lurking within the aisle, we reluctantly walked down, hoping to find some sort of deal or some yummy new drink to buy.

We saw a bottle of this new Monster energy drink. Tempting, but a little too expensive (almost two bucks).

We saw Gatorade for $1.00, of course, in a very American-like 32oz. bottle.

That seemed like a pretty reasonable deal.

But then we saw it.

Arnold Palmer. Just 56 cents.

Fifty-Six friggin cents! How can you say no to that?

The best part? I didn’t pay anywhere near $.56 for it.

How, you may ask? Well, it’s simple. In addition to making a frugal decision to begin with ($.56 is much more frugal than a five dollar drink from your local coffee shop), I also have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

Remember my article on Receipt Hog? (if you don’t, I forgive you. You can read it here).After I buy my drink, I can just scan my receipt and get five coins. Yeah, it’s only equivalent to about two cents in real life. But hey. Now my price is down to just 54 cents.

Just wait, though. It gets better.

Now, I’m sure you can recall my recent article on Ibotta! No? Wow. Starting to get offended here. No worries. Catch up here. Currently, they have a cash back reward that offers $.25 on any item.

Scan the receipt. Wait a couple seconds.


Now my price is down to just 29 cents.

How, Dylan, could you possibly get it any better than this?

Here’s your answer. I’m a wizard (or rather,  just incredibly, incredibly cheap).

I recently opened a Cashback checking account from Discover (review on this coming soon). With that account, every debit purchase gives ten cents in cash back. So, when I buy my drink, I swipe my Discover Debit Card.

That’s an extra ten cents off my purchase price. Now we’re down to just 19 cents.

The real trick comes next: One of the redemption options for the checking account’s cash back is transferring it to a Discover credit card’s cash back balance. Now, because I have had my Discover card for less than a year, they are still matching all of the cash back I earn in the first year (so far I am at 218 dollars).

Thus, according to my calculations, by the time all is said and done, that ten cents will turn into twenty cents.

And there you have it folks. Now, my purchase price is down to just nine cents.

I’ll repeat myself.

Nine Cents.

Now, this isn’t just a post to brag about how incredibly cheap (or smart?) I am. I’m simply trying to provide you with a valuable lesson.

Always be on the lookout for deals. Always be aware of the apps you’re using (or should be using) and the rewards associated with your credit/debit cards. By simply being mindful of prices as well as how you can stack deals and offers to your advantage, you can do amazing things, like er… reduce the can of iced tea from 56 cents to just 9 cents? (hey, it’s the little things, right)?

I’d say that’s pretty damn frugal.


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